Everybody want’s to be happy, there is no exception.

Happiness is something we search and thrive for our whole life. Some people find it quickly, some people don’t.

All the religions tell us how to be happy.

Christians trust in god to find their happiness. Muslims trust in Allah.

Some Religions believe that they will find happiness in their next life and then there are Religions that tell you to work on yourself. To find yourself.

In buddhism, Happiness is letting go. Letting go of all the pain, and fears and worries. Letting go of all the material things like money, cars, electronics. Letting go of the standards that define happiness today.

Nowadays many people believe happiness comes with great wealth and many metrial things. Buy a fast car, the newest phone and expensive clothes – boom you’re happy.

No, you’re not happy, you feel happiness a short time and then you want more, you feel like you have to less to be happy. So you buy more and more and more, and everytime the happiness lasts for only a short time and then you have to buy again to feel this happiness again. It’s a catch 22. 

familySome people find happiness in having a family. Being a loving and caring Parent and
spouse can bring more happiness than you would think. To see the people you love happy can bring happiness too.

The best way to find real happiness that lasts for a life time is to get to know yourself and work on yourself. Letting go of all the material values and finding peace in yourself. Being happy with what you have and who you are and not being jealous of others is very important too..

As the buddhists say: Life is pain and jealousy creates pain because you want something you don’t have and maybe never will have.

Negative thoughts create a negative “aura” that makes your body sick.

Modern medicine nowadays knows that the brain is often the culprit that makes the body ill. Negative thoughts and feelings have such a great power that they can make you feel pain and give you illnesses.

I found put that there are so many ways to find happiness. Just being outside and enjoying nature, the flowers, the grasses, the weather, the moving clouds and the soft wind gives me happiness.

I forget all my worries and can enjoy what nature has given us and be a part of it.

Everytime I see a flower I look at it, watch the raindrops run over the smooth surface of watch the bees crawl into the blossoms.

I smell the flowers, close my eyes and feel like im somewhere else where there are no worries and no pain.

When I’m happy I feel healthier and at peace. I’m more relaxed and hard tasks seem easier.

I wish peace to everyone and everything. And I wish that everyone finds his or her Happiness.

Because there’s nothing more important than enjoying your one and only life.



All Photos by Wikimedia Commons.

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