The dark side of Olympia

People unite again to take part in several competitions to find out who the best is.

Horseback Riding, fencing, swimming, cycling, gymnastics, running, football…

The list of accepted sports is long and the committee keeps adding new ones.

Millions of people stare at their TV-screens to watch the glorious chosen ones.

But there is a dark side of Olympia. One that no one wants to talk about.

Poverty, hunger, spoiled water.

Millions of Dollars are spent to make such a big spectacle possible while children starve in the surrounding Streets.

Out of sight-out of Mind.

That is the slogan of Olympia. Everything is glittery and sparkling inside the Arena. The fireworks and Lights light up the Nightsky and cast a shadow on the Streets roamed by hungry children and starving dogs.

In Rio de Janeiro Beauty and Chaos Mix together this Year.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful cities of the world but in the narrow Streets Favelas thrive.

While Hospitals are too few and Schools rot People celebrate the Olympic Games.

The Police strikes down Protesters with harsh Brutality and the vices of the People in need fall silent.

Far too many People gather in the Favelas where Drugs are a common Trading good and the Police has no power.

The people there get creative when It comes to creating a home so they live in selfmade houses made of plastic and pieces of Trash and Metal.

Only a few Kilometres away the Arenas for the Olympic Games are situated.

People cry for Help but their voices are drowned by the music and the commentators.

The Government cares for the athletes and the People from the press, but not for their own.

It’s sad to see that the Politicians care more for the opinions of some reporters and the athletes than their own people.

The look away, they ignore them and they don’t prevent them from getting sucked down even further into the spiral of poverty, violence and drugs.

The people of the world have to rethink.

All of us are humans and we are all equal to another. Everyone has the right to live and to make the best out of it.

And as the gap between rich and poor widens every year the rich should be the ones who support the poor.


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