Resting Bitch Face

Many of you might know that situation. Sometimes im really frustrated by other people.

I have a face that would fit the term “resting bitch face”. Its not that im grumpy all the time or anything.

The features of my face, especially my eyebrows, make my face look like im a bit angry at something.

Today I got up in the morning, very tired but humming as there are only two days left to our short holiday in Hungary.
So i get into the shower singing, get dressed up and say good bye to my boyfriend.

It is raining but well be going to have sunshine in Hungary. And the smell of rain still is in the air and it helps me waking up completely.

So i go to work, sit down at my place and my phone rings.

Someone needs help with their computer, he tells me how he has two left hands and is happy to be able to dress up on his own.
we laugh and make an appointment so I can take a look on his computer.

As I hang up a collegue of mine comes into the room.

I say “Good morning” smiling and her answer ruins my good mood so far.

“Wow, there is someone really grumpy today and not motivated at all” she says and looks at me with a asking expression.

I sit there with an open mouth.

What? I think and she shrugs her shoulders.

“You you, im not that in the mood too”

“Aha” i answer, still unable to think of anything to say.

“Well, gotta get back to work. Hope your mood lightens soon” she says while exiting the room.

What the actual f***.

It’s my face! Let my face be how it is!

I don’t understand why people always have to assure there is something wrong with someone.

Does that make them feel better?

I have a face that looks a bit annoyed sometimes and when someone tells me that I look really grumpy or that I look like I want to kill someone – that makes me really grumpy!

Leave my face alone for gods sake!

I don’t understand how some people always try to point ut the negative feature of someone.

People are how they are and pointing out bad features of bad habits just hurts people.

Sometimes you have a resting bitch face, the only thing one can do is smile insanely.

So I shout out to all those fellow resting bitch faces. Keep resting and bitch and don’t let anyone bother you.

You’re beautiful the way you are.


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