The sound of the Earth

Lying in the tall grass, the wind rushing through leaves.

Closing my eyes I feel light, secure and free.

My heart starts beating in the pace if the earth. Water rushing reaches my ears.

My sorrows fade and my heart lightens.

Walking through the woods with bare feet I touch the trees, become one with the forest. One with nature.

I feel mother earth and the warm sun on my face that shines through the tree’s leaves.
This is where I come from.

Nature is where Humankind belongs to and originates from.

Nature is a gift.

It supplies us with food, warmth, air and the beauty of life.

We should stop from time to time and restrenghten our bond with mother nature. She gave life to us and keeps us alive. We should be thankful for what she gives us and care for it.

Talking to the trees might sound crazy but try it. It feels like talking to a mute relative. bird.jpg

Look at the birds, the wonder of their being, their ability to rise high in the sky and sing songs. They are such majestic creatures and some of them travel thousand of Miles.

Look at the sunlight – how it shines through the branches and lights up the tiny particles in the air.

Think about it’s  power to kee us warm even though it’s so far away.

Breath deeply the fresh air and think of how important it is. Without it you wouldn’t be able to live. Without it nothing on earth would exist. No humans, no animals and no plants.

Every once in a while we have o take a step back and see the world and the things that live in it for what theyre worth.

Life is more than working and being stressed out all the time.

Nature is out safe haven, our abditory to flee to when the noises of the city become to loud and when the burden of Huanity becomes to great.


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