Blessed with love

loveThree years ago I met a guy who turned out to be the love of my life.

I can laugh with him and he makes me so happy.

He is my darling and I feel so blessed to be his girlfriend.

But not everybody finds someone like that. Some people have to search for years till they find the right one.

My sister is the best example. She rushes into relationships without being over the old one.

Her first sentence is always “I think he is finally the right one!”

Here are two problems:

  1. She thinks. She always ponders how the relationship could be and how she wants it to be. She is too fast in making decisions that should be thought over carefully.
    She rather rushes into 4 relationships in only a few months than wait and get to know someone before making a bond.
  1. She is desperately searching for “The one true love!” This makes her vulnerable

I understand that she is waiting for true love. Especially because she drove herself into so many bad relationships.

Is there something more beautiful than true deep love? I don’t think so!

Nothing else inspires us the way love does and nothing else makes us feel happy and hurt that much.

I hope that everybody finds love because Love makes us want to be someone beautiful and worthy of love.

And everyone deserves Love!


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