What we really want

Rrelationship.pngelationship’s are great and beautiful and sometimes complicated, but 98% of people want to have one.

As Mindmap shows, there are many things and criterias when it comes to selecting a partner.

The green bubbles are what we wish to find in a partner.

The orange ones define how we select our partner. For most woman looks and fitness are very important while men often believe that education and health are more important.

The blue bubbles are the emotions we have to feel to decide  whether to engage in a relationship with someone or not.

Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings. For a majority of people relationships are the most important elements in their entrie life.

It provides fullfillment, security, understanding and someone to share your life with.

But having a successful relationship is not hereditary.

When you deside to engage in a relationship you have to take time to get to know, understand and support each other.

Relationships are about giving and taking.

Sometimes you have to give more and take less to support your partner in hard times.

Sometimes you have to make more of an effort because your partner needs your guidance.

But it is worth it. When it is a good relationship it will repay thousand times and make you the lukiest person on earth!

Most movies prettify relationships, they let them look like a fairytale without problems.

In a relationship you have to learn to communicate!

Poor communication is the root of most relationship problems!

Try to communicate without raising your voice! Yelling is not good!

Sex can also be a source of problems!

Some partners really love each other but when it comes to sex they do not match.

But partners can work on it, learn what the other likes and how they can be happy togerther.

Money is not only important for living it can also lead to problems in a relationship.

In a relationship the question of paying and sharing expenses is often unclear.

When you live togerther you have to talk about it. What is the financial status of the partners and how much can one give?

Money problems should be talked out to create equality.

Home chores…nobody likes them but they have to be done!

Home chores have to be done if you don’t want to live in a pile of dirty clothing and eat from dirty plates.

The best way to avoid stress is to split them up.

The man does the plates, the woman the clothing – and after a few weeks the roles change.

Getting lazy after some time

This may sound trivial but remeber when you were dating? You went out and visited faires, you kissed in the rain. And now, after two years you spend your evenings at home in front of the TV, not talking to each other?

Get up and do something. Go out, have fun, and date – even if you’re already together!

Work on your relationship so it doesn’t become boring!

Conflicts should be talked out calmly – no yelling – no blaming – just talking. 

Start Sentences with “I feel…” rather than “You make me feel…”

Try not to interrupt each other wehn talking.

Apologize when you’re wrong and admit mistakes.

Trust is probably the most important in a relationship. 

Trust has to be built up and earned.

Trust your partner, believe what they say.

Be on time and don’t lie.

Be a good listener and try to be understanding.

Don’t be jealous and dont dig up old wounds.

A good Relationship means work and not to have a partner that can read every wish on your lips!

Love is not like Hollywood movies!

Be humorous and learn to enjoy the little things.

Ask for something when you need it and talk about things that bother you!

If you don’t address a problem your partner will never know there is one!

Start talking and grow old together.


We all want love but we have to work for it to make it work.



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