trance.jpgTrance is about a guy working for an auction house.

When the auction is being robbed Simon(james McAvoy) has to get the picture to safety.

The head of the thieves(Vincent Cassel) wants to take the picture from him and as Simon tries to guard the painting he gets hit on the head with a shotgun.
A hypnotherapist now has to help him remeber where he hid the painting so it couldn’t be stolen..

From then on Simons life gets out of control.  He can’t distinguish between reality and dreams anymore and has memories of things he never experienced,  or so he thinks.
Simon gets dragged deeper and deeper into his twisted mind and begin to fear for his life and mistrusts his accomplices and his therapist.

The ending is a bit surprising and after theories is pretty confusing it clears up a lot.
It is really recommendable and a great movie.

The acting is great and James McAvoy shows again that crazy roles suit him best.
Vincent Cassel plays the bad guy as nearly always and performs a great acting performance..

Trance has a great confusing story,  the storyline and great acting.

I enjoyed watching it although it took some time to understand the movie 🙂



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