So today I’m going to talk about the Movie Lucylucy.jpg

All in all the movie was good, good effects and a good story (which they could have used better) and good acting skills from Scarlett Johansson.


But first: When Lucy gets an overdose of CPH4 her whole personality changes. But why? Just because her brain starts to make use of more capacity doesn’t mean she will become an emotionless, fearless, lethargic warrior that does not longer feel any pain.

And then there’s the fast development of the story. Prof. Norman instantly believes Lucy when she phones him she can use 30% of her brain. A skilled hacker could do the same things with the TV, smartphone or telephone as Lucy can with her mental power. Even the radio could have been manipulated.

Why are people always so trustworthy in movies? It’s the same with horror movies where the murderer stands behind the next door and one of the stupid, most drunk teenagers suddenly suggests splitting up.    *facepalm*

Let’s move on with Lucy….

It’s also weird that police officer Del Rio lets Lucy have more than three kilos of drugs even though he doesn’t know her and doesn’t even suspect her of being part of the drug dealers.

At the end Lucy takes all of the remaining drugs and her brain goes up to its full capacity. As she reaches 100% she finishes creating a super computer to store all her knowledge on a USB-Stick.

That ending is somehow….weird…I don’t know why but I dislike the idea that she can’t keep herself from vanishing when her cells won’t get enough energy but she can keep on existing as a USB-Stick ^^

This may sound like I dislike the movie but I don’t. I think it’s good but there are too less background information to explain the story.

I don’t like it when Movie makers leave the biggest part of the story to the watchers imagination.

All In all I can recommend the movie. Everyone is talking about it and it is pretty short. At least you can join the conversations afterwards.



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