REPO! The Genetic Opera

220px-repogeneticoperaofficialposterOne of my favourite movie is a movie about a bald girl wearing a wig and suffering from a strange disease.

It’s about a father who unknowing killed his wife, infected his daugther and now slaughters People to take their organs.

It’s about a singer who was blind and got mechanical eyes while singing for that in return.

And it’s about thee siblibs, one more crazy than the others.

Repo! The genetic Opera

This movie has feelings, gore, steampunk elements and a sprinkling of cvrazyness.

In short: I love this film.

Shilo ( the Ill girl) follows a bug out of her mothers Tomb and get thrown in a really crazy world where the air is toxic for her and a Graverobber steals the juices of dead peoples brains.

She becomes the main character in a tragedy revolving around her dead mother, the mothers ex-lover and her father.

She gets to a point where she has to let go and decide which life to life as all people which were dear to her die at the end.

Repo! is a movie for people who are drawn to steampunk and like musicals.

It’s a jewels and a movie for those who are just a bit of crazy 😉



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