Atkins, Day 2

So, today I woke up pretty well rested. I normally sleep not that good and have a very light sleep but last night felt God. Maybe it was just a placebo because my brain is telling my body that I’m doing something good for my health that could benefit my sleep but I still like it ^^
I felt good today, no big craving for carbohydrates and I wasn’t moody (I really feared being in a bad mood because of hunger).

But around 4 I got pretty tired and a headache. So. Eyeing to eat and some homemade lemonade(only water, lemon juice and stevia) made it go away.

But then, around 9 pm I got really active. I had an energy boost and started to clean the apartment while my boyfriend was at the gym.

Because Of my flu I had the last two weeks I’m taking it slow with going to the gym to keep my flu from coming back 😐

Today was a good day and I hope the following ones will be even better 😊



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