Atkins, Day 3

I slept well last night and I was in a good mood all day until that moment… 

Today we had to do some tests in the physics laboratory. 

Before we were allowed to start we had to answer a few questions. 

I had enough questions right to pass but the professor who was there to help us said it wasn’t enough for her so she asked some questions which I all answered right. That still wasn’t enough so she wanted to see how I prepared. 

I had a booklet with all the needed Textes (explanation of the tests, what answers we should get and how to interpret them). 

She looked at it and said it wasn’t enough because out of 9 questions one was unsolved. 

I didn’t know how to draw a graph and so she said I didn’t prepare enough and had to go home. 

Oh my god I got mad, really mad. 

Our professor said we had to pass the test by thirty percent. Which I had.  Then I answered all her questions right. And only one graph was missing. 

She had no reason to send me home. She just though I didn’t know enough. 

I got furious. I started to argue with her and it was really hard to keep my voice down. Then I surrendered. There was no use in fighting. 

So now I have to do everything again until next Wednesday.

I was angry pretty long and that’s when the hunger and craving for carbohydrates came. 

I didn’t give in which I’m very glad about. 

Normally I am a very friendly and peaceful person but today I had the wish to slap the stupid woman.  

All in all I had a great day, I experienced a side of me I didn’t know but I still controlled it. 

And to make use of my free time ‘won’ I learned for maths which really helped me a lot 😊



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