Why we love creepy Stuff

Fear by Wikimedia

Are you a lover of Creepy Pastas?

Are you a fan of horror Movies?

Are you a fan of the feeling you get when you lie in bed alone after you watched a horror movie?


Sometimes I really get in the mood for watching a horror movie and I always have to cuddle with my boyfriend…



But why do many people like creepy things even though they sometimes scrae the sh** out of you?

Some might say that people who like creepy stuff or the feeling of fear are not normal…they are abnormal…

But i don’t think that this is the right answer, people who like the feeling of fear are normal people too.

Neanderthal by Wikimedia

Let’s start at the beginning.

When humanity still wore nothing and lived in caves fear was probably the most important feeling to them.

It is a natural survival response to a threat or danger and was important for early humanity to survive.

So why would we seek out that feeling?

Not everyone enjoys fear – I know many people who despise horror movies or scary situations…

And to the honest, watching a horror movie doesn’t put you in danger and threatens your life!

You’re in a completely safe environment – and that is the point.

You get your “fearkick” in a safe environment where you know that nothing can harm you.

dopamine.pngWhile you experience fear your brain releases dopamine, a lucky hormone, and your body likes that.

If you’d had to flee the dopamine would let you run faster and motivate you to escape as quick as possible.

Some people may get more of a kick from that than others.

But even if you enjoy this fearkick, most of us are relieved when the fear we felt is over and many people like that.

Remember your last horror movie or your last time you had to go to the basement where the light is flickering and its cold and where the wind blows through the air pipe and creates scary noises.

At time likes these nearly anybody has to cheer for himself with sentences like “Don’t worry! Monsters aren’t real!”, “You can do it! Just a few steps more!”, “Don’t close your eyes, this is the most exciting part in this movie!”.

After you overcame the situation you were proud of yourself and probably thought “I did it! I survived!”

And that is a real boost for your self esteem!

And we remember these situations for a long time because dopamine works like a reminder and helps our brain to build strong memories.


That’s also the reason, why the age labeling on movies are VERY IMPORTANT!

There is a reason why Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Brown, Blue, Black and Age ratings exist in nearly all countries of the world.

Children’s brains don’t know if the monsters and the scenes they see in movies are real so their brain just releases dopamine in a fear situation, the brain forms strong memories and children get traumatized!

So following these rating is recommended to keep your children safe and keep them from being harmed.

And to be honest, a fun-fear situation is nothing compared to a real situation of fear!

As our bodies are programmed to life and the brain wants us to survive the amount of domapine released in a real fear situation is far higher…

The most interesting Part to me is that fear evolves over the generations!

Our earliest ancestors were afraid of bears and other wild animals.

In the medieval ages people were afraid of Satan or witches or the black death.

About 30 years ago people were afraid of Nosferatu and the overtake of the Government by Aliens.

Nowadays many people are afraid of Vampires or Werewolves or Aliens.

A study performed in the 1920’s show what fear can be educated.

mouse.jpgBack then doctors weren’t ethical so they took a baby named Albert and exposed him to several things like a white rabbit, a cat, a dog, wool, masks and other stimuli.

Little Albert showed no fear so the doctors tried some techniques and the result was that Albert became highly afraid of furry animals such as rats, cats or rabbits.

Normally no one would be afraid of rabbits, although many women are afraid of mice or rats.

I mean, yes a filthy street rat can be scary but mice are small and they hurt noone…

So how come they fear little mice when they are not harmful to humans but only to food in pantries?

What DO people fear?

While doing research I found out that people are often afraid of things that defy the laws of nature such as Nature Spirits or Yokais (supernatural Japanese monsters).

And people are afraid of things that exceed their perception such as deep waters(anything coul dbe under you) which is called bathophobia and the fear of darkness (maybe there is something hiding), which is called Achluophobia.

There are lots of phobias, some can be explained and some can’t…

A few examples are:

Ablutophobia- Fear of washing or bathing.

Aichmophobia- Fear of needles or pointed objects (that’s what yould have been useful to Sleeping beauty)

Altophobia- Fear of heights.

Asymmetriphobia- Fear of asymmetrical things.

Many phobias can’t be really explained because sometimes it’s just how our brain works.

I, for example, are afraid of clowns and heights…

Why I am afraid of clowns? I don’t know but they are really creepy and I don’t want to get near one…

And after watching a horror movie my feet have to be covered in bed! I don’t want any monsters to eat them ^^

Of course even fear has been commercialized.

Halloween is one of the biggest events and you can get everything in stores in the real world or the internet to have a really creepy Halloween party.

And it is recomended to dress as creepy as possible on Halloween to get many treats.

Of course this wasn’t the initial intention of Halloween but we will look into that in another post 🙂


All in all we can say fear is a important feeling with a long history, some enjoy it and some don’t.

Now Me and my readers know more about it, so maybe we can understand our body now a little better and overcome one or another fear.


Have a nice day and don’t let the monsters eat your feet while youre asleep 😉



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