PERSONAL · University

So much to learn 

Oh my God 😱😥😭
I could literally cry.

I’ve been attending the university since the beginning of October now and there is so much I don’t understand.

Especially physics and maths…. The two most important subjects…

The problem is that I had physics at my former school but it was all hypothetical and not calculating with pagewidth long formulas…

There are so many moment where I look at a exercise and have not the slightest idea what I have to do…
Math isn’t that bad but there are still so many things that I have to learn and study at home.

And of course my professors keep their tempo to get trough all the topics in time for the exams.

I’m really worried.

What if I fail?   – Of course I can take the exam again the next semester but I dont want to fail…

What if my grades are really Bad?   – Yes, passed means passed but I would like to pass with GOOD grades. Not for someone’s but for me…

I pray that I can keep up with all the topics and learn how to use them time.

I have t stay faithful and notet my guard down. Confidence is all, right?




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