Halloween or Halowe’en is also known as AllHalloween, All Hallows’ Eve and All Saints’ Eve.

It is celebrated all over the world on the 31st of October.

Originally Halloween was called Samhain and a festival of the Celts in Ireland. It was their harvest festival where the celebrated the start of winter.

As the winter was also their time of the year where many would die or have to starve they saw the day of the beggining of winter as the day, where the lines between the worlds of the living and the death became blurry.

samhain.jpgBack then bonfires were lit and costumes were worn to fear away roaming ghosts.

The Druids and Celtic Priests took advantage of the presence of the dead and made predictions about the future.

To make sure they survive the winter the Celts burned crops and animals in the bonfires to make a sacrifice.

But then Pope Gregory III decided to make the first of November the day to honor all Saints and Matyrs.

halloween1The Evening before All Saints Day was known as All Hallows Eve and later Halloween.

Halloween then made it’s way to America in the early years of colonization but it took some time to spread as the Protestants back then weren’t that impressed about the idea of Halloween.

The first celebrations were “play parties” where neigbours shared stories of the dead, people told each other fortunes and daced and sang.

Photo by WIkimedia

Halloween became popular when America was flooded with nem immigrants in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Many of these immigrants were from Ireland and flew from the potato famine.

Back then people began dressing up and the “trick-or-treat” tradition started.

By the 1920s Halloweeen became a community-centered holiday and the original meaning was lost. Parties were about games and foods of the season and costumes back then and Parents were encouraged to make everything frigthening.


halloween spendings.jpg

Today Halloweeen is a really big bussiness.

The pie chart shows how much was spend on Halloween in 2011.

One fourth of Americas candy sold all over the year in sold on Halloween.

It is family friendly and kid centered. The original intentions got lost and the festival was commercialized.

Nowaday Halloween becomes more and more popular and spreads all over the world.

About 10 years ago nearly noone celebrated Halloween in Germany but nowadays there are Halloween Parties everywhere.

I wish all of you a great Samhain/Halloween/All Hallows Eve evening.

Happy creeps and a Happy Halloween 🙂


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