Beautiful dying stones

Before my boyfriend and I became a couple I watched the Perseid meteor shower. I saw many meteors that night and every meteor was the same wish.

I really like those nights when the night sky is lit by big rocks that burn in the earths atmosphere.

And as the tale says, every dying meteor is a wish for the watcher and if you truly believe it will come true.


Meteor Showers are happening because millions of years ago a big meteor crossed the earth orbit and left small pieces behind on its way through the universe.

When Earth now crosses the meteors path the smaller meteors who got left behind enter the earths atmosphere and burn up.

That’s when we see the meteor showers…

As the particles stay at the place the “mother meteor” lost them, the meteor showers return every year around the same time.


Maybe some of my readers are fans of meteors showers too so I thought I’d share a calendar.




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