I’m back again

Hello Folks.

First off I’m sorry for stopping writing but there was so much going on in my life.

The New year is here and has already taken big steps forward.

It’s already march and so much happened since my last post.

When I stopped writing the busy time at my university began. Our professors suddenly began to teach much faster. I guess the were worried not to get all topics done…

I carried on my diet until I stopped around the second week in December.

(For those who don’t know, I was doing the Atkins diet)

When the winter holidays began I had lost six kilogrammes with the Atkins diet and I felt so good.

But then the holidays came and Christmas feasts with the family and cookies and treats and so many good things.

As I love food I couldn’t help but give in.

And then came January. The holidays ended with the seventh of January. 

And then came the learning period.

I learned pretty much for the exams. I thought I could master them as I could master all the topics when I focused on one in particular but tI still was worried.

And then I failed all of them.

Now I have to take those four exams again next semester. 

The semester holidays began and I wanted to start again with my diet. I already had lost a lot and I wanted to keep in losing weight.

So I started again and until now I works out fine.I lost about two kilos in one month, much of this is water of course but I’m confident that this will really help me with becoming healthier.

This time my boyfriend and I changed our goal. So now this isn’t a diet anymore. It’s our new way of living. And to make it more doable we just skip the carbohydrates and focus on healthy eating with lost of vegetables, a little bit of fat and meat and lots of exercise.

We set our minds to get healthier and to someday life a healthy life and be good and healthy parents to our future kids.


So that’s about it for now. 

Thanks to all of you who stayed with me.

From time to time I lose my focus on my blog even though it gives me so much.

It’s a place where I can speak my mind freely, where I can express myself with words.

It’s a place where I can connect with all my readers and I am thankful for anyone that drops by, even if it’s just for a second, because maybe someone finds something that helps them. Something I had to experience and learn for myself.

Or maybe someone finds some inspiration or entertainment.


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