PERSONAL · University

So anxious

There’s still more than a week to go before university starts again and I’m anxious as hell.

I have bad dreams about missing my class, turning up with a skirt but unshaven legs, tripping and falling on the math professor and above all: taking the exams again, failing in all of them and then being expelled.

It’s so frustrating.

I know if I stick to my task and study for my exams more than the last time I can do it.

Except for physics the exams weren’t that hard. I just hadn’t had enough practice to master them. It was too much at a single time.


But I experienced the same thing some years ago. I always was very bad in accounting and nearly failed the whole year in another school. So I studied and studied and I saved my grade and even got an 2 (B) in my final exams.

And I know I can do it again this time.

I am just so so worried not to be able to go to the university. I really want to because I want a future for myself and I want to someday give something to my children in a time where prices rise and wages fall.


Maybe some of my dear readers have tips for me? I would be very thankful 🙂



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