Cheat Day

So today my boyfriend will be eating out with some fellow students. As some of them don’t have a partner it would be weird for them to turn up in company so it was decided for the girlfriends to stay at home.

He this about four days ago. Guess what I have been thinking about…

I was planning what to eat and which romantic movie to watch ^^

I settled for some Christy chicken sandwich with salad and something to bring out my softest side. 

As my guy doesn’t like romantic movies that much I often watch them alone. I love him but I don’t need sarcastic comments about how unrealistic these movies are. 

I know that and that what makes them beautiful to me. 

Anyway. I will be spending my evening eating and crying and lot. 

And as it is my strawberry week(sorry guys but it’s a natural thing ;)) I will enjoy it to the fullest.

I’ll be posting pictures because shared enjoyment is double enjoyment šŸ˜‰



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