Separating you blog from your personal media?

Since the first day I started my blog I kept thinking whether to separate my private social media from my blogs social media or to keep everything in one place.

I really wasn’t sure. I already had an Instagram Account when I started blogging and that was one of the things I wanted to wait with.

So the first thing I set up was (of course) the blog and then a Twitter Account.
As I don’t have a personal Twitter Account I didn’t think twice when creating it.

But the last few months I really wasn’t sure if I should link my blog to my Instagram Account I use.

About 90 percent of my Instagram followers are Friends and Family. I have no problem with them knowing that I am blogging, although I already had to answer a lot of weird questions …

(Are you blogging because you feel lonely?)
(Do you want to become rich with blogging?)

No, I’m not feeling lonely and becoming rich would be nice but it’s not my goal.

So as I was thinking about creating an Instagram account linked to my blog I searched the Internet for some advice from fellow Bloggers.

And what I found really helped me 🙂

Like Jessica Slaughter in her Article mentions your Friends and Family might not always understand why’re you’re posting certain stuff on Instagram.

Of course, I’m far away from doing promotion Stuff but separating personal and Blog feels better. When someone from my friend and family wants to read my blog they can any time.

I’m promoting it on some sites on Facebook and I don’t keep it a secret. It’s just that I don’t boast it out.

The Article on The Daily Post also helped me a great deal.

It’s always so wrong to decide on these things. Somehow you want everyone to know what you’re doing and on the other side you are afraid to say/write something that might offend them (People loved feeling offended) and somehow you give up some of your freedom that comes with being incognito.

The other aspect that separating Blog and personal social media brings, is that it affects your followers a great deal.

Sharing your blog with family and friends brings a lot of potential readers with them. Everyone has a lot of friend on Facebook and all of them could somehow click on your blog.

Of course, getting as much clicks as possible is not the goal. To achieve that you just have to post a really funny video online and try to get it go viral.

Your posts should be interesting and informative. At least thats what I want to achieve with my posts 🙂

And another point is that family and friends won’t have the feeling they HAVE to read your blog.

It happened to me that a few of my friend asked If they had to read my blog because I told them about it.

I want people to read my posts because they want to and are interested in them.

After researching a lot and thinking about it I set up my Instagram account and linked it to my blog.

I hope I could help others by expressing my mind 🙂

And maybe some of you will follow me to Instagram:)



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