Sorting out my makeup

Like many other girls I have A LOT of makeup.

I don’t use every single item every day but I like to switch from time to time.

So as my makeup collection is getting too big I have to sort out.

First I check the “dates”. Some might say makeup doesn’t spoil but it does. Also least lipstick does.

Lipstick tend to taste bitter and pretty bad once it spoils.

Then I sort out the empty items. When my mascaras become empty I often liquidify it so I can use it longer. And then I forget to throw it away once it is really empty 🙈

And then there’s old lipgloss I haven’t use in ages.

Somehow I grew out of using lipgloss. Lipgloss is more for girls. Especially the ones with glitter …

As everyone I go shopping I have the urge to buy more makeup 😁



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