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Feminism – good or bad?


Feminism is the act of standing up for equal right. That means men and women are worthy the same.

But how is it nowadays? Is feminism still feminism?

ad_236938443Emma Watson is a good example. She’s working hard for the rights of women.


And then she takes a photoshoot and everybody starts to criticize her.

She’s a fully grown woman and can choose whether to show her body or not. This has nothing to do with feminism. A woman should be able to decide for herself what to do with her body and life.

Emma Watsons Photoshoot

BBC Article on it

But now her work isn’t important. NO! Her boobs went viral.


Feminism began as a movement to give women the ability to vote. And in India the women’s movement known as the Gulabi Gang that stands up for better rights for females and is against festival abuse. Mass rapes are still very common there and it’s a shame that in a society as highly developed as ours terrible things like these still happen.

And in India it’s still common for women to practice ‘Sati’ when widowed. Which means that the woman practices suicide.
I am a woman myself and I think equal rights for men and women are very important but the feminism movement often goes too far.

When it comes to Feminism one should be very careful to define real feminists.

Especially the group’s that shout feminism to hide their hatred of men.


There are organisations where women gather to hurt men. Often mentally but sometimes even physically. They want them to feel bad and less worth.

That is fucked up and more than wrong.

And then there are these women who think that everything a man does is sexual harassment.


Feminism? No!

Saying hello is no sexual harassment.

An AC sexually harassing women

An AC is definitely not harassing women…

How can it be that something like this is still accepted. Because of these women feminism is more of a bad word nowadays.

Because of these women the work of real feminists get criticized and spoken badly about.

Real feminists don’t define other women with sentences like “Real women have curves” and “A real women wears no makeup”

It’s sad to see something like this that overshadowed real feminists like Emma Watson.

She is one of my heroes and I think everyone should forts think before they judge someone.

Women are equal to men. That means same rights and same work. If a man has to repair your car a women should be able to do so too, and If a woman is supposed to cook and look after the Kids a Man is able to do so too.



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