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The history of my blog

The first Blog I started was in 2009. Back then I wrote in my mother tongue, German.

I hope that my English is now good enough to be read. If not, then I’m sorry ^^

I started this blog in  May, 2016.

Since then I got 14 followers.

The others I have now are from an old blog I had issues with.

A WordPress employee was so nice to transfer my followers to this blog so they can still follow me.

My overall views are 138o far and my highest vies on one day were 18.

I was so happy 🙂 I immediately told my boyfriend and the was happy for me too.

Knowing that someone reads my blog is very nice and gives me a warm.

And I’m happy about every comment and Like I get from my readers.

I will try to make my blogposts as Interesting and informative as possible so you guys can enjoy them and benefit from them 🙂

Thank you all for coming here and reading what I have to share 🙂



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