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What made me happy this week

This week a lot happened.

On Wednesday University started again and I was very anxious about it beforehand. But it was good. I felt comfortable with my friends around and to start the new semester was easier than I had thought.

Everyone has to wrote at least one exam again and we settled on studying together and help each other out.

Very happy to have them.

My boyfriend also supports me in every way possible and I’m also very thankful about that and to have him.

On Friday I had a day off so I could get some sleep back. As I hadn’t had much sleep this week because of the anxiousness this was really relaxing 🙂

On Friday we went out with friend, had some really great food and went to a Billardhall afterwards where we had some drinks and played Billardhall and dart.

It was real fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

So that was my week.

Hope you all had a great one too 🙂


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