Ladies are women who stay calm and focused. Ladies are charming. Ladies are what a grownup woman should be.

But what is a Lady really? How is a Lady defined? Is it possible to become one or are we all born a Lady?

I always admired the beautiful women in Movies that charmed everyone and were always the center of attention. Everyone wants to be seen. Guys and Girls alike.

Nobody wants to be ignored.

So how do you become a Lady?

First step
The mindset

Being a lady isn’t about being bitchy and better than others. It’s about being nice and forgiving and warm.
It’s not about being someone else or trying to act.
Being a Lady is about bringing out your positive attributes in public so others can see them.

Even when you’re a Lady, you are still yourself. You should never try to be someone you are not…

Second step
The right behaviour


A lady smiles. Even if youre not that happy you should try smiling for just ten minutes.
Not like a maniac but try a sincere smile. You will feel happier than before, i guarantee it.

When sitting out your knees together. When in a skirt put your feet at an angle. Don’t let them see your panties !




Third step
The clothing, accesoires and shoes

Ladies wear suitable clothes, no ‘chillday’ sweaters when going out.

You can wear them at home anytime but remember to dress accordingly in public.


You don’t even have to spend much money. Work with the things you’ve got. There are simple rules:

  • The right scarf pimps every outfit
  • Layer your clothes. A T-shirt underneath, a cardigan on top
  • Use delicate jewelry. Earrings, a fine necklace and finish it off with rings or a wrist ring
  • You also can go full with statement jewelry but be cautious. It can easily be too much

Princess Kate is the perfect example for a Lady. She’s got style and her clothes always suit the occasion.

As for shoes: Most women wear shoes with heels but you don’t have to.
If you dislike heels ,that’s fine.
Pick the shoes you feel comfortable in but stick to the non-sport ones. They belong in the gym ;)


Fourth Step
The Hair

Do whatever floats your boat. There are so many hairstyles and you should pick one that you’re comfortable with.

Just comb it? Fine.
Braid it? Fine.
Just don’t overdo it. Its not an convention ;)

The only thing important is that your Hair looks fresh and healthy.


Fifth Step
The makeup

Makeup is very important.

If you do it right it enhances your face, it contours and highlights it.

If it’s done wrong you look like you’ve got nothing on at all even though you spend half an hour on it or you look like a whore.

Neither is good.

The makeup should be the last because it should suit your clothes, jewelry and hairstyle

It took me a long time to get my makeup right and it’s not perfect yet.

  • tim-curry-rocky-horror1

    Make sure the lighting is as natural as possible. Nothing is worse than putting on makeup in a yellow light and then looking like someone from The Rocky Horror Picture Show when stepping out of the house. And people won’t tell you because they mostly want to be nice!

  • Preprep your face to get it clean and get off dead skin cells.
  • decent-wedding-makeup-bmodish

    Put on foundation that suits your skin tone. And don’t use too much. Your skin has to breathe!
    BUT: If you’ve got acne skip the foundation. It does more damage than good. Rather use colored daydream. It gives your skin moisture and adds a little bit of color to it.

  • Put on eye makeup that suits the activity.
    Smokey eyes for school is way too much. It’s a place of learning not getting to know people.
    I prefer Mascara, no eyeliner and a bit of reddish eyeshadow.
  • Last not not least the lips
    Pick a lipstick stat suits your skin tone and hair. If you’ve got a bit of red patches in your face keep away from bright red colours. They will enhance these spots.
    There is a great variety of lipsticks. Which one could suit you you can find out here:. Which Lipstick suits you?
    If you’re not sure you can always go with nudes.

And finally be confident.

You’re beautiful just the way you are.

All these steps aren’t supposed to hide your true self. These are meant to bring out the best so you feel more confident and positive.

You deserve to be happy.


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  1. Being “a Lady” refers to being trained in (and following) the appropriate social etiquette and manners concerning your behavior around and treatment of others (but sometimes especially the opposite sex). It doesn’t really have anything to do with most of this stuff on its list except only superficially.

    For instance, such a “Lady”, in an effort not to offend people, will likely choose simple, elegant hair, makeup, and dress, bathe regularly, and so on. But that doesn’t mean that “to be a Lady” you need to choose simple, elegant hair, makeup, and dress, and bathe regularly. It means that a part of social etiquette is to look presentable, wear culturally and socially appropriate attire for the appropriate occasions, and not be repugnant. How you get there can vary wildly from France to India, to the Amazonian Rainforest.

    In the same vein, a Lady does not actually need the mindset of confidence, warmth, kindness, and so on. The only mindset it requires is one that says that social etiquette and manners have value in society- and that everyone should be treated equally and is worthy of being respected enough to employ that etiquette towards them. Becoming kinder, warmer, more confident, and so on, is simply a byproduct of that ideology. But it is not the mindset in and of itself.


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