Nostalgic gaming

The last week my boyfriend and I have been playing Games on the computer together.

But no, we didn’t play Battlefield or Mass Effect or other modern Games. Download

We played Mario Party, LEGO StarWars and Mario Kart.






We downloaded an emulator, plugged in the PS2 Controllers and played for hours.

It was so much fun. And there was this feeling of nostalgia, feeling like a little Kid again.


I hadn’t had so much while playing for a long time. And these Games back then were so good…and so long….

Nowadays Games last for about 20 hours, but Games back then seemed endless…

We both had so much fun that we played again and again…

I suggest to all of you to play these games again because it is real fun and you get to relive your childhood moments 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Nostalgic gaming

  1. Gaming nostalgia is a pretty interesting subject. Some games you go back to and they feel almost unplayable, while others hold up surprisingly well. Nostalgia can sometimes make things seem better than they actually are, I guess.

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