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What made me happy this week

Sometimes there are days when you’re down and you don’t know why. Since I saw my gradesof my exams i have a lot of those days. But i keep on smiling. Grades aren’t everything and there is still time to catch up. 

This week University was fun most of the time. From time to time there are really annoying fellow students but all in all its hard but fun.

On Monday I went to the lake with friends and then bowling with them. I had a great burger and loads of fun.

On Thursday the “Holzer” the people who study woodworking, had a party to celebrate the new semester. I was there with friends and it was, despite some drunken and unfriendly guys, a great evening. 

And on Saturday we had barbeque a a student boarding house. We had something to eat and talked for hours. 

The only thing that is not that great is that I didn’t stick to my healthy eating as much as I had liked.

As it’s really hard to stick to food that has no carbohydrates (they are just so… Fulfilling) my boyfriend and I decided to try to only eat between four and eight PM. This method of eating is said to help the body ‘eat’ it’s fat reserves and help with losing weight.

I hope it works for us and I hope I can endure such a long time without eating.

I hate it when I get hungry and when the hunger pangs start I get a really bad bad mood 🙄😕

Well I hope it will work ✌

I hope all of you had a great week and will have a great week.



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