Just Live

Why is it that there is always something we are afraid of?

Afraid of losing someone.
Afraid of disappointing someone.
Afraid of hurting someone.
Afraid of being hurt.
Afraid of being alone.
Afraid of being afraid.

There are so many fears we have to face our whole life and they never seem to go away for good.
The always lurk around the next corner, waiting till you come around to hop on your back and follow you.

It seems that the is no escape. Or is there?

The Buddhists say that life is pain. Illness, hunger, fear… So many things that keep us from being happy.

So Buddhists tell us to live in the moment. To enjoy every second, to help others and to think and act positive.
They teach us to be GOOD.

And by being good you reach enlightens. You realise what life really is and you are ready for the next step. The nirvana.

But living like that in our world seems very difficult. There are so many impacts on our lives –  sounds, feelings, up and downs, electronics, money, war.

How can we live every moment in a world where everything moves much to fast. A world where time is money. A world where stress is daily business.

Is there a way to escape all the fear and pain and stress. Or is this a never ending loop that drags us in deeper and deeper?

I tend to believe there is a way of finding peace and breaking away from fear and pain.
Sure, happiness won’t come to you, you have to go and get it. You have to fight for it, every single day. You have to cherish the little moment. You have to LIVE.

I realised that being happy and healthy is far more important than being wealthy or earning a lot of money.

There’s nothing more satisfying than living the way you want and not the way others want or tell you to.

So always be aware that you are the most important and keep an eye on you.

It’s only this one live we can live.




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