Alcohol is no solution

Do you know these moments when you’re having a hard time?
When you want to forget your problems for just a few hours?
Where you want to drown your sorrow?

Everyone knows these times and many people use alcohol to forget for a few hours.
Even I have those times,  and in some occasions I use alcohol.
And then I wake up with a really big headache and feeling of guilt.

Alcohol is not the answer my friends.  It is and will never be the answer.  Because alcohol leaves you dry and worse than you were before.

Talking it out is better than drowning your sorrow.

Believe me.  Alcohol can solve nothing.

It numbs you for a short time and when that time is over all the hurt and sorrow and pain hits you harder than it was before. And everything we use alcohol the aftereffects become bigger and we need more alcohol.

That’s how you become an addict, that’s how you ruin your life.

And that’s how you let alcohol control your life.

I’ve never been a real addict but I know people who have been.  People who hurt their loved ones while being drunk without remembering a single bit afterwards.
People. Who are lost without their daily dose of alcohol.
People who lost control over their life.

Even though I’m scared of the effects alcohol has some times,( is makes you angry, it makes you unsatisfied, it makes you hurt people)  I sometimes use it to drown my sorrow from time to time.

Alcohol is not bad,  just the excessive  use of it is bad.  And it hurts you more than anyone else. The addicted one is always the victim.

Alcohol damages your brain and your body.

Don’t use alcohol to get rid of problems because this is not possible.

Talk with someone.



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