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The worth of food

What is food worth?
Food,  the one thing that keeps us alive…

We need Food from the first day till the last day of our life.
Eating is great buy the worth of food seems to be less than ever before.

Food gets wasted in so many ways.

The Milk challenge from 2014 and the “Baguetting” trend.


And every year million tons of bananas are thrown into the ocean to keep the prices high.

And about 20% of food gets sorted out before it even starts to get on its way to the supermarkets because vegetables and fruit are too small, not ripe enough, not straight enough…

I never had to starve or go to bed hungry. There always was enough money for food.

And I’m glad for that. A child shouldn’t starve…

People seem to forget how important food is.

I recently saw a Mythbusters episode.
In a Cannon test they used milk that gets wasted because it is good for high speed shots with their camera.
They could have used coloured water…

And they used grounded beef to make a fake head heavier.
They could have used silicone…

And Rhett and link sit in a bowl as big as a bathtub full of cornflakes and milk just out of fun…

These people are watched by millions…. They should be a good example and not show how to waste food.

The refugees in Hungary say they are in need of help but they throw away their food they get from the government and go on a strike.

Is food really that unimportant?

Aren’t there millions of people starving while others throw food away or waste it out of fun?

It’s sad that people don’t care about anything and act like that.

In many countries people starve, they have less food in a month than most Europeans or Americans have in half a week.

People buy more than they can eat and throw most of it away.

My boyfriend and I try to buy only what we can eat.
I know many people who buy, buy, buy and throw nearly 2/3 away.

I think it’s very sad and everyone should be responsible and “handle food with care” and not waste it.

It’s the small things that can change the world.
If everyone makes just a very small contribution a big change can be made.



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