Coffee Power

There’s nothing better than coffee to boost our body, our spirit and our metabolism.

But why is that so?

And does coffee work the same with everyone?


Coffee contains caffeine, a central nervous system stimulant. It is regarded as a psychoactive drug as is one of the worlds most widely consumed psychoactive substance because it is legal and unregulated in nearly all parts of the world.

Caffeine is a crystalline purine and closely related to adenine and guanine contained in the RNA and DNA of our bodies.

Even though coffee has such great effects on our bodies, a cup of coffee only contains about 80 – 175 milligram of caffeine.

So if you would like to kill yourself with coffee it would take 50 – 100 cups to be lethal.

Where does Coffee come from?

120px-FruitColorsCoffees heritage traces back to the ancient coffee forests in Ethiopia. The coffee trees there grew very well
thanks to the weather and climate.

It is said that a goat herder named Kaldi first discovered coffee and the potential of the small beans.

According to the story he watched as his goats became very active after eating the coffee berries.

120px-CoffeeFruitsShowFrom then on monks who were told the story began to use the beans and the journey of coffee all over the

world began.

On the Arabian Peninsula coffee cultivation and trade began in the early 15th century. Back then Coffee was being grown in Arabia and was knows in Persia, Egypt, Syria and Turkey by the End of the 16th century.

120px-Kohvioad_suureltCan you imagine that people back then only enjoyed coffee in public coffee houses? They soon began to appear everywhere in cities and were often referred to as the “Schools of the Wise“.

By the 17th century Coffee has reached Europe and became more and more popular.

Many people were scared of the new beverage and said it was an invention of Satan but that didn’t stop coffee from spreading.

Even in Europe Coffee Houses started spreading and many businesses specialized on coffee and made big money.

In the mid 1600 coffee reached the New World120px-Cappuccino_Chiang_Mai

According to Thomas Jefferson Coffee was the favorite drink of the civilized world.

All around the World plantations started to form to supply the coffee lovers of the world with the black beverage.

Nowadays coffee gets grown on the “Bean Belt“.

By Wikimedia

One of the most coffee drinking Countries are Finland, Sweden and Switzerland.

Britain and Japan drink less coffee because they are Tea cultures.

So what good effects does Caffeine have?

Coffee boosts your metabolism for a short term. Many people experience the need to go to the bathroom after a cup of coffee.

And Coffee also helps your body to burn fat faster and help you with loosing weight. And Coffee lets your body supply your brain with more blood you become more concentrated.

And two cups a day can lower the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.

And negative Side effects?

On the other hand too much coffee also makes us anxious, it increases blood pressure, reduces our fine motor movements and makes us pee more often.

Many people also say they cannot sleep after drinking coffee or get a stomach ache.

Coffee is a great “invention” I don’t want to miss in my life. It helps to get the job done but is also great for relaxing.

Of course it is very important to limit your cups of coffee our you will experience all the bad side effects but starting with a hot cup of coffee makes the world a bit brighter for me every day.


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