How much sleep do we really need?

Some people say “Just listen to your body, it tells you what you need!

Alright, goodnight world, well see each other again in 16 hours…

Yes, that’s how much I would sleep if I could.

Some people say  eight hours are enough for any age. Some people nap only twice a day for about 20 minutes, that’s all.

So what is the right way to dose your sleep? How much does the body need and how much is healthy?

A human being sleeps about one third of his entire life.

We are always told that grown ups need less sleep than a toddler, but is this true?

Grownups need less sleep than toddlers, it’s true but on two hours spent awake comes one hour of sleep. So our sleep should be really recreative. Bad sleep leads to physical discomfort.

Without a good nights rest we can’t tap the full potential of our body.

Newborns up to three months old need the most sleep. About 14 to 17 hours a day are very healthy but more than 19 hours are bad.

Four to eleven months old babies need about 12 to 15 hours of sleep and beginning at the age of one year our sleephours stagnate with every two years.

And is the moon really affecting the sleep?

It is not proven but it’s true that many people can’t sleep when a full moon is rising because it’s much brighter outside.

Does beautysleep exist?

This is true! Don’t believe me?


It exists, okay the name may mislead, sleep doesn’t make you more beautiful but it makes you healthier.

While sleeping our cells and skin can regenerate themselves, our wounds heal faster and we get less wrinkles.

And beauty lotions work best at night.

And if you wake up rested people around you observe you as more attractive.

And do we get more clever with sleep?

Yes, we do!

Sleep helps our brain to transfer short time memories into the “long term” area. And things we learnt before we went to sleep can be memorized more easily.

And a good nights rest helps us to remember things better.

New information can even be transferred to the long time memories with about four hours of sleep.

There are many myths about the need sleep, but which are true and which are false?

1.Teenagers need very little sleep.

This is wrong. If a teenager sleeps less than 8 hours for weeks the sleep deprivation takes a toll on the body. And the body need a time to rest when all the changes in the body occur.

2.Grownups and elderly people especially need little sleep

 Wrong too. About six hours a day are the lowest bound someone over 30 years has to sleep. Less is very unhealty. Aboiut seven to nine hours a day are best.

3.The sleep before midnight is the best

Nope. The first three hours of sleep are the deepest and the most important and it doesn’t matter when you go to bed. It’s always the first three hours.

The most important thing is to get through all states of Sleep.

So, lets summarize all this information. 


It keeps us healthy, it helps us memorizing and it keeps us young. 

To little sleep is bad as well as too much sleep.

The first three hours of sleep are the most important and sleep deprivation is really bad.

All in all we can say that sleep is as important as eating, drinking, breathing and sex.

Without it we die!

I made the experience that my body really tells me how much sleep I need. Sometimes it takes some time to find the right sleeping pattern and to find out how much your body needs but if you listen carefully you can help yourself to a more healthy life with good sleep.


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