My little cushion

On the 13th of October last year I ordered a swiss tone pine cushion on Amazon.

I bought it because I read that it helps to get a better sleep, it is a natural remedy for headaches and it helps with a clear nose at night.

The cushion is made of 100% cotton and is filled with 100% biological switt tone pine.

The essential oils enclosed in the wood are said to have a great impact on the human body.

It has a really nice scent, not too strong (somehow it smells like a sauna – the benches there are often made of pine too 🙂  )

and really pleasant.

So, I tested it out since then and I have to say it works pretty well..

It’s not like I lay down and fall asleep immediately or that my headache goes away in an instant when I smell it but it really helps.

When I have a headache I put it next to my nose and my headache becomes less painful because the essential oils distract my brain…

We put it in the middle of the bed near my boyfriends and my head to both of get a dose of the great smell  ^^



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