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So, after my boyfriend and I did intermittent fasting for nearly two months now, together with low carb we it has even going really well.

Now to take it a step further we wanted to try fasting for a longer period of time and decided to start on Monday. Our first goal will be three days and I have mixed feelings about this. 

Somehow I’m really looking forward to fasting. To free myself from food for a few days and help my body regenerate and throw out all the bad glucogen.

And at the same time the thought of not eating for some das bugs and worries my. 

My brain keeps telling me “No! Don’t do it! You just eat! Eat! I will starve! Look how hungry you are !!!”(imagine that in a high pitched panicking voice)

But I know fasting will be good for me. It won’t be easy, I know that, but it will be good. 

I will document my days while fastigro inform you, my readers, about how it went. 

Wish me luck. This weekend and then I won’t be eating for three to seven days if everything goes as planned .

~Tatjana ~


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