Fasting – Day 1

When I first talked about fasting with my boyfriend m body got all stressed out and signalised me to eat as much as possible because I planned to not eat for a few days.

So today I got up, all motivated and looking forward to not eating for a few days. 

I was surprised I wasn’t hungry in the morning despite having eaten carbohydrates the evening before.

11:00    The first hunger pangs took about half an hour but I was able to soothe my tummy with a lot of water ^^

The rest of the day went great, a little bit of short hunger here and  I there and a lot of concentration.

As I am used to not eating until five it was no big deal.

When I got home from university I slept for an hour because I was really tired and then I woke up.

Everything smelled of food( even my pens)

I dreamt that I decorated the walls with chocolate and I had the taste of chocolate in my mouth.

19:00    I was hungry for about an hour. After that the hunger stopped but my mind thought about chocolate and bread and roasted chicken and the walls decorated with chocolate ^^

20:00    I got a really fuzzy head and couldn’t find something to do, so I sat down and started to take notes of the lectures I had and the concentration started coming back ^°

Résumé is:

I haven’t eaten all day, feel fine and I’m proud of myself. 

The only netavie thing that I really dislike is that I was cold the whole day despite the really warm weather. 

But that should get better the next days. 

Let’s see how the following days will go 


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