Fasting – Day 2

An hour after getting up I got really hungry. I didn’t have to think about food the whole time but my body told me to eat something.

9:10     Leaving the classroom the scent of the cafeteria filled the university and I started craving Meatloaf with Onionsauce.

Oh, what I would have given for a piece of meat ^^

10:33    My belly started talking to me. I think it tried to convince me to grab something to eat ^^

13 – 14:00    Two words: Hunger pangs. It was really bad, my belly hurt and I really felt like I needed to eat something. But I wasn’t tired or in a bad mood or anything. I felt fine but hungry. 

15:00     I went on a walk for 45 minutes and felt like I ran a marathon when I came home. My knees were wobbly and my head was foggy and my heart was beating very fast.

I ate a few crumbs of instant soup(for the salt and to easy my hunger) and felt better afterwards.

I was craving milk like hell so I put some milk in the fridge to have it nice and cold when I’m done fasting. I’mm so looking forward to that 0.0

(I know it’s a potential hazard to keep something you want somewhere you can reach easily but I eased my mind and know I can enjoy the feeling of looking forward to that milk)

The bad feeling from after the walk didn’t pass for several hours and I felt really exhausted and somewhat ill.

It wasn’t planned but I decided to eat something.

So after 47 hours of fasting I ate. I didn’t want to force myself to keep on fasting because I was afraid it would get worse the third day and the next time I would have wanted to fast I wouldn’t have been able to bring myself to it.


The majority of the day I felt completely neutral. Like an empty vessel that waited to be filled. 

No hunger, no anything. Just at peace. 

There wasn’t any stress because I didn’t have to plan what to eat. 

It’s been a long time since I felt at peace. 

Despite the hunger from time to time I was really focused the whole day, was in a good mood and felt good and chilled. 

And I wasn’t even tired. 

The coldness from the first day got a bit better but didn’t pass completely.

What annoyed me was that A simple 45 minute walk exhausted me like a whole marathon.

Having eaten made me feel better but I also regretted it to some extent. What If everything would have been wonderful the third day? What I I could have fasted longer. 

Well, I don’t know what could have been but I now know what awaits me next week when I’ll be fasting again for 2 days.

Starting fasting in little steps is maybe better than forcing it, having a bad experience and never doing it again.

It was a great experience and I’ll be definitely going to do it again.


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