Today my parents visited me and my boyfriend to get the tent and all the benches for his birthday party next weekend ready. 

He’s turning 30 tomorrow but will have a party the next weekend. 

Spending some quality time with my parents I realised something. 

I miss them more than I thought I would(I moved out more than a year ago) and I’m so thankful.

They held the family together in rough times and we overcame those times without breaking apart, which I know not every family can. 

My parents were there for me and my siblings when their grief was so big they couldn’t take it. They looked after us even though they felt so bad. 

And they do everything for us. The saddest part is that some of my siblings don’t appreciate that. They just take and never say or show their thanks.

That makes me really sad. 

My parents made it possible for us to be here. They brought us up and formed us into the people we are now. 

There is only one mother’s and father’s day every year when we should show our parents our appreciation every day. 

Most people realise how much their parents meant to them when they lose them. I’m thankful that I don’t have to wait that long. Splitting from my parents and moving out made me realise just how much I owe them. I was always thankful but now I REALLY appreciate all they have done. 

Buddhism also helped me to live more conscious and be more thankful for the things I have.

It helped me to learn more about myself and all the things that formed me.

I love my parents and I would so anything for them .
~Tatjana ~


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