Blogging and Success

How to find time for blogging and being successful with it is a great question when starting a blog.

Most people, like me, start with writing what comes to their mind, and then they start changing and start writing posts about special topics, just like me.

In my opinion it’s really important to have a great variety of topics for a blog when you haven’t a specified Beauty, health or food blog.

In my example I have a normal blog and I write about many topics. I write about my life, my feelings, some really carefully researched topics and about things I like or dislike. I share my poetry and my photos, and I share my dreams and hopes.

In my opinion that makes my blog unique, because it is diversified and there are a lot of topics to choose from.

Being successful is the second part.

Anyone who starts a blog wants to get as many followers as possible and have many many views but that takes time. Nobody can expect their number views and followers to skyrocket in the first few months.

Building a permanent readership takes time and effort. And carrying on with blogging is also important.

Another big question is “How personal should my blog be?

Some people write “diary-blogs” with their name and their location and a lot of personal things in it.

Some write impersonal blogs about fashion, or health and they keep their name and location a secret.

I’m really unsure about how personal my blog should be. I really want to add a photo so my posts can be linked to a face, but I heard so many bad things about people whose photos got misused on the internet…

It’s important to take your time to write posts, not to write them as fast as possible to posts as many as possible.

Fewer but better posts are better than bad ones that overflow the readership.

I found that about one or two posts a day are often enough.

I mean, who really got the time to read 10 posts a day on the same blog? I am following some blogs where there are 10 or more posts a day and that is way too much!!!

Not only is it really stressful to write so many posts (someday you run out of ideas and topics) and there is no chance that people will read all of them, so it is a waste of time and posts…

I ran pretty good with the strategy I worked out and I hope this will stay so…

The last few months have been pretty satisfying for me and I hope it will get even better 🙂

Thanks for all your support and thanks for reading 🙂



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