I grew up in a very religious family.
We went to the church every Sunday,  I was at Sunday school,  at Bible school,  as they called it and were a very active part of the church.

I helped with the Sunday lunch and I really enjoyed my time there,  I really did.

My parents and grandparents of both mother and father have been a part of the church for many many years.

But in this church most of the people are playing foul.  They act all religious and good but the are not.

There is a family in the church and the woman has been cheating on her husband for many years.

When it came out the whole church stood on the wife’s side.  They said the husband was a bad husband and that led his wife to cheat….

They said we didn’t believe in God enough,  so his wife was right to cheat.

I know a few churches that have people like that,  I know not all religious people are like that… But MA NY are!!!

How can someone act like an ass**** all week and be someone else on Sunday?

That’s not how it should be!  That not how the Bible wants us to be…

Religion is an excuse for so many people…

It’s okay to be an ass all week and be unfriendly as long as You say your two prayers on Sunday…

This behaviour is one of the many reasons why I turned against the church.

I still believe in God but I don’t want to be part of an group that acts like this.

I think it’s really sad to see how often people use religion to justify what they are doing.

No wonder that many people rather believe in nothing than believe in God.

All over the world religion gets misused.

The ISIS say they are killing people in the name of their religion and the catholic church used the religion to make money by selling letters of indulgence.

And these are just two examples where religion is used wrongly.

In my opinion this is very wrong to use the need of people to believe in something to make money and exploit them.

Religion should be there to give you the feeling of security and to help you in tough times, Not to utilize your demand of belief.



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