Blogging grew very important to me

Since I’ve been blogging I realised that itis far more important to than I would have thought it would be.

It’s a way of sharing with people all over the world, expressing what I feel and getting acknowledged for the things I write.

It helps me to learn new things by researching topics and learn new things about myself by thinking more about important things like health, relationships and everyday life.

I feel very blessed to have followers and visitors. To know that there are people that are interested in my thoughts and posts boost my selfesteem extremely.

Blogging helps me through tough times and helps me believing that there is a way to help people and to show them a new Facette of a strangers life.

And blogging is also a way to calm down when I’m upset and want to share my anger. It helps me to think about my situation and observe it from different angles.

And I never thought that blogging would help me to understand others more.

Since I started blogging I think about people in a different way, maybe they also feel a bit lonely sometimes and just want to share their life.

When I’m angry at someone I try to stay calm and reason with myself why I’m angry at that person and whether it is his fault or my fault because I expected something from that person and than didn’t happen.

This may sound a bit stupid but I think blogging helps the bloggers to become better people as long as they use their blogs to help people or to inform them and not to spread myths and lies.

The feedback I get on my posts makes me happy and sometimes they trigger a new thought.

I’m so thankful for all my visitors and viewers. It shows me that the effort I make to write my blog is not useless.Thanks to you I feel “at home” in my blog. It feels like I matter.

And from time to time everyone of us have to be reminded how much they matter.

YOU, my reader, matter to me 🙂



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