Exams everywhere

So, my exam phase started last week on Wednesday and since then I’ve been constantly stressed out. 
I’m studying really much, and the exams I had yesterday and today we’re… disappointing..
Our teachers told us what we had to learn. And it came different. 

The exam I had to retake should have been the same a level of difficulty, at least that’s what my teacher said. 

And it wasn’t. It was much harder with things we didn’t even cover properly…

Well, yeah, thanks for nothing…

But I guess that’s how university works. You work hard, believe in the things your teachers tell you and then you get hit in your face…

At least that’s what it feels like to me right now. 
I need 25 credit points to get to the third semester. So far I have 10 for sure…

Well see if I can make it. If not, I’m not allowed to move on and write the exams of the third semester… I really don’t want to retake the last two semesters. Not after I put so much work into preparing these stupid exams 😕


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