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Giving and Taking

In life it’s always about giving and taking.
But you have to give before taking.
You can’t expect anybody to do something for you before you something for them.
Because humans are self centered. Humans are selfish and this is the truth.

I had to learn this a few years ago.  It was a hard experience but that’s how it is.  Sadly there are few people who five before they take.
Some will never give something but only take.
Some are givers and some are takers.
That’s how the world runs.

Whether it is in love or at work.
You have to give before you receive.

At work you will never get a promotion without working hard for it and proving that you’re worth it.

In love you have to give trust and prove that you’re worthy of trust.

In some relationships the balance of giving and receiving isn’t given. One is a giver and one is a taker. But relationships like this never last for too long. No matter how strong the love is.

If there’s no balance in a relationship problems arise and only one person works on them while the other waits for the problem to solve itself.

In a relationship both have to start at the same point and go towards each other to be equally benefited.

I’m not a psychologist or something like that but I experienced it and learned my lesson.

I always was the giver and gave all I had and could but never received in return. I told myself it was my fault, that I had to be a better person but at some point I realized that the problem wasn’t me. It was the person in front of me who always took but never wanted to do something for the relationship or for me.

Even after I told him about my feelings he didn’t change and stayed like he was.

The relationship ended and so did many of his after ours.

It’s common sense that the level of giving and taking has to be balanced.

A action requires an corresponding equivalent counteraction.

Like this everything in the world works, not just Physics.



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