How to be human

When we are born we can’t do anything on our own expect breathing, sleeping, pooping and yelling.
The first few months our mom’s are there to keep us alive. They feed us and make sure we get fresh diapers.

Then we learn to speak and talk.  Just when we mastered those we have to go to preschool. Reading and writing comes soon after and learning never ends from this point on.

We learn grammar and other languages and mathematics and controlling and how to use an computer.

But the hardest part of our life is to be human and also get along with other human beings.
Etiquette and behaviour are especially important nowadays. Without the right behaviour you will never get a good job and climb the employment ladder.

You ought to know how to treat others to get where you want to get. And one should know the “game rules”  to get through life safely.

If you never show respect to others you can’t expect to earn respect in return.

Becoming a normal human being is often more complicated than you might think.

It depends on so many things. The family you grow up in, the people you meet and that influence you, and over all the decisions you make.

Life is like a game, every decision you make alters your possible future. Some have greater and some decisions have smaller effects.

And the influence of the friends and classmates we have is also very big. They help us to find our place in life and to develop a way of handling things.

Kids who are bullied in early years often have problems with standing up for themselves later in life.

And the upbringing of our parents is the most important. Our parents show us how to treat other people, they train us to be friendly and they make sure we have a good starting position.

At least thats how it should be. Because the sad truth is that there are many many parents who give a shi* about their children.

It’s sad to see many kids that get treated badly by their parents.

It’s sad but thats how our world is. Some start with bad cards and some start with good ones.

But if there is something someone want to achieve really bad then he will reach his goal if he works hard enough for it.





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