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The Internet is a daily thing that over 80 % of the world’s population use everyday.  But how does the Internet change our life’s?
Is it making them easier and does it have a great impact on our daily routine and how we use to live?

I already wrote an article on how many things are possible because of google. Youc an read it again here: Google – The Master of all Things!

Yes!  It does!

The Internet makes many things easier for us.
-Staying in touch with people.
-Getting to know new people
-Comparing products
-Getting information

When you get up in the morning and want the actual news you just have to get online and look them up. If you’re on the way to the train and want to know at which time the next train parts you can look it up on the Internet.

There is nothing you CANT look up online…

The Internet is a great tool you can use for work, for school and for fun.

It’s a place where you can be free and do whatever you want.

But you still have to take the consequences for the things you do online.
Because in reality you are NEVER anonymous on the Internet.

Your IP address is always the same and can be linked to you.

But a way to be anonymous while surfing are avatars.

Avatars are a great way to express yourself online without showing who you are.
And on the Internet no one knows us so we sometimes pretend to be someone different.

Being online while being completely anonymous gives us freedom.  It was never that easy to be more open and tell strangers something we usually wouldn’t tell anybody.

Making friends online is very easy.

But our avatars have a bigger impact on ourselves than you might think. It you’re online and make a avatar with a more aggressive “attitude” you tend to act more aggressive yourself. And sooner or later your Internet attitude transfers into your real life and changes your behavior.

Everyone who surfs on the Internet has to be cautious and think before acting.

If you do something illegal you have to take the responsibility for it.

And you can easily get addicted to the Internet.

The Internet offers great chances but also has its cautions.

I use the Internet everyday for blogging, watching videos on YouTube, Facebook and surfing.

It’s great and I would suggest everyone who isn’t using it to use it but still be careful.



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