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13 Reasons why

I read the book a few years ago and now I watched the series. 

And in my opinion:


This is my own opinion, it may not be the same as yours but I just thought I would like to express myself. So please no hate comments, the book is good, the series is good but we’ll..

It glorifies suicide
Howw you might think? What? Where? Did I miss it. Is this girl just dumb?
Well sometimes you have to read between the lines
It makes it look, maybe not on purpose, like suicide solved all of Hannah’s problems. Now she’s not bullied anymore, she isn’t a target anymore. Maybe it did solve HER, but it raised so many more for the people around her. The other students, the school, her parents. Her suicide is something other people may never get over with.

It makes you think blaming others for your problems is okay.
It’s not.
When you have a problem you have to deal with it. Of course other can be a source of  a a problem but it doesn’t help to see yourself as the victim and don’t even ask for help.
Highschool is hell for everyone. There are thousands of people that are bullied and not everyone takes their life, they ask for help and get help.

IMO It’s the wrong message for kids that age.
Around 14-16 kids are going through a major change. Their bodies, new schools, a new part of their lives.
Kids these age are very susceptible and giving them this book gives them the wrong ideas
-your parents can never help you
-just blame others for your problems
-assume everyone is an asshole, especially men and they are all the same

Hannah treats people like shit
She tells Courtney’s secret without thinking if she even wants this
She treats Zach like he did something wrong, yells at him and later assumes something without even checking it. She didn’t know if he threw away her letter. He just assumed it because she saw him throwing away something.
And then he’s responsible for her death.
She expects people to save her but doesn’t say anything about wanting help until it’s too late.
She laughs about Tyler when he said he wanted to hang  a out with her and didnt even bother to ask why he took photos of her. The one who needed a friend she shoves aside like he’s not worth it to be wasting her time.

She makes those tapes.
This is just wrong.
She tortures Clay to listen to all the tapes and the whole time he’s thinking he is responsible for her death too and is tortured by listening. And all that just to make clear SHE WAS THE VICTIM

There are only the those people on the tapes in the whole school. No other students. No chance at all to make other friends. Nope, nobody else there…

She acts like everything she does is okay but everyone else is doing wrong. Whatever happens to her, she doesn’t give a single thought beforehands that her actions could lead to something happening.

Everyone is bad, only she is good. No, she never choses the bad boys….no….
And she always protects others..
She want Zach to help her after the letter incident but she doesn’t even think a second about helping Skye…because only Hannah is important.

Hannah is a bad friend.
Whatever Clay says, she takes it negatively.
“Am I not that beautiful like Jessica?”
She’s jealous of Jessica instead of being happy for her (yeah, I know that’s hard but sometimes you got to take a step back)

Hannah doesn’t ask for help until it’s too late and the. She goes to a man who is already loaded with work because he is the only good damn council in the whole school.
She doesn’t even think about asking her parents for help…

Because some guys are assholes everyone is one….
She expects men to always take the first step.
No”Hey clay, I like you, let’s hang out”

Hannah doesn’t stop the rape of Jessica. No, instead she tells her story which she didn’t have the right to…

Hannah is the worst of all
She doesn’t even leave a note for her parents who break because of her suicide and she didn’t even seem to think a second about them .
Only she is important…because she is the victim…
Blaming others for such an act is worse than anything else…

All in all the show/book portrays 15 year old children. They’re nothing more than children. They are going through their puberty which makes them assholes and bitches. At that age children don’t see the world they do when they are grownups. I get why children that age would take revenge and act like the people in ’13 reasons why’ do but it’s still wrong to glorify Hannah.
She made a choice and that choice is all hers.

I’m in no way saying, that what the others do and act like is okay, but it’s just so wrong to glorify a girl who took her own life, makes other people responsible for it, and lets her poor parents find her.

People who have thoughts about suicide need professional help and someone to talk to. But they have to take the step to get help. Noone can read other people’s minds. 


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