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Just the usual tragedy

75% of the time we want to go on holiday the day before some kind of tragedy happens. 
Last year we wanted to spend some days in Hungaria and right before that my boyfriend caught a stomach bug. We drove anyways and on the way back I listened to my bf puking instead of music 🙈

And then we wanted to spend some days in Pullman city and on of our tires got a hole. Our emergency plan was to use the car of my boyfriend’s parents and luckily we could use it.

Today we packed the car for our weekend trip to Helvetica and then I saw that there was water inside the car on the driver side. 

I’m not speaking of a bit of water, no, it stood about four fingers wide over the carpet. 

My first thought was “Shit I left a window open” but all of them were closed. 

Then we began to vacuum the water but it seemed to not get dry. 

So after I looked on the internet we found the problem. The drain in the front of the car was blocked by leaves and guess what…you can’t access it without taking out the battery. And it it overflows it will leak into the inside of the car… What a perfect concept…not

So now we solved the problem and the car has time to Dry a bit overnight.

I hope at least the weather will be good in Helvetica. 


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