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Do it yourself crackers and Orange Juice

As a kid I loved to take crackers with ham and cheese to school.
I LOVED them and my siblings hated them.

So there were more for me ^^

I loved how you could combine the crackers with cheese and ham yourself. And the taste was great too 🙂

And the best drink was one if these tiny packages of orange juice

As I got older the crackers vanished from the shopping shelves.
I really miss them.

But as I found out they still sell them in the UK.


They are produced by Mondelez Ireland.

I hope they come back here soon but I don’t think so.
And as shipping them here takes too long they would be wasted before they arrive me.

Maybe in some years I’d get the chance to eat them once again and relieve some childhood memories.



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One thought on “Do it yourself crackers and Orange Juice

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