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Dirty Blonde

Have you ever read one page of a book and started crying?Courtney-Love-Dirty-Blonde

I have!

I read “Dirty Blonde” by Courtney Love a vew months ago.. and I already cried after I read the first page.

I bought the book 2 yearsago and I started reading but havent finished yet because my finals came in between.

I love Courtneys musik, it somehow says or rather screams what I feel inside sometimes.

On the first 40 pages I found some things we have in common.

Were both blond always afraid of not being accepted and hide what we feel inside.


Since the first day I heard a song from Courtney ( Hold on to me ) I loved her.

Her songs are full with love, hate, hopes and fears…

And her book is just like her songs, extraordinary, fascinating and scatty…

She went through so much and still stands on her feet…

A woman like her is really special – one in a million…


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