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The Pro’S and Con’s of Internet Dating

Internet Dating is a new trend when it comes to finding someone to share your life with.

There are plenty of sites for different needs. Some sites are for One-Night-Stands, some are for serious relationships and some are for finding friends.

3 years ago I was single. My mom though i would never find someone (she though I concentrated on school too much) and so she tried to convince to me signing in at an online dating platform.

At first I was suspicious of internet dating. I thoought there would be strange people an perverts.

I sidneg in and got a lot of messages. Some were really strange, men wanted to have nude photos of me or they wanted to meet in a secluded area…

Really stange…

But some were really nice.

After a few weeks I began to chat with a guy 60 kilometers away from me. He was really nice and it was fun to write with him.

We wanted to date but because of his job he couldn’t come so we delayed it.

And when we really had it we let me wait for nearly half an hour…

But the date was great. The cafè I chose was just a small shed and the coffee was water with a bit of color.

But we discovered that there was a western festival near by.

We went there and there was an Elvis imitator (whos normally a dentist) and even a fireshow.

At the end of the evening the Elvis Imitator sang Can’t help falling in love.

We had a second date a few days after and wanted to go to the movies but there was a power breakdown. So we went for a walk and he brought me back to my car.

I wished he would kiss me but he didn’t.

Two days after that we wrote me an email, saying he just wanted to be friends because he didn’t felt the spark.

I was sad and a bit disappointed but i accepted it.

And then wwe invited me to watching a movie.

“Watching a movie” yeah ^^ We couldn’t concentrate on the movie at all…

We got close and dated some more.. and two weeks after he asked to be his girlfriend because he couldn’t stand the thought of me dating another guy.

So sweet ❤

In some cases online dating is good and in some cases it is bad.

While being registered at the online dating platform there was a guy who stalked me. He wrote me he wanted to marry me and have kids and he asked many weird questions.

And then there was a guy who was very nice and we chatted but as we lived more than 150 kilometers from each other we just kept on writing about daily things.

But when it comes to sating a stranger one should be careful. The meetings should always be in daylight and in public because you never know who you are meeting with.

Online dating is a good thing because you can meet people from other cities you prbably would never meet.

The same with my boyfriend. I would have never met him without online dating.

And I’m really thankful for having him.

May all of you find your true love, with online dating and without 🙂



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