The all knowing Body

Our body has lost many of its senses over the past thousand years.  While we evolved our brains got bigger,  we lost most of our fur and we learned to walk up straight. An while evolving some of our senses withered.
We no longer need to sense the earth’s poles like butterflies do.
We no longer need to fight other humans to survive (even though war still exists).

Your body knows when something is bad for you and your body gives you signals what it needs. If you’re low in electrolyte it craves for something salty and when you’re hydrated it craves for water.

But there are more things your body can tell you.

It tells you when you’re sick without you noticing it on the outside.
It tells you when you are doing something bad for your health.

Your brain tries to keep you alive by producing fear and let’s you be happy to reward you.
Particular strong memories are formed by your brain to remind you of things that are very good or very bad for you.

It would do anything to keep you alive.

Hunger, freezing, and heat are just a few signals your body can give you when soemthing is wrong.


As our body is controlled by our brain, it is resbonsible for nearly all functions and actions od our body.

Our brain consists of several parts.

The Cerebellum is the part of our brain that is working instinctively. Is can’t make logical or emotional evaluations. It’s only job is to keep us alive. by releasing Dopamine in life-threatening situations and flooding Adrenaline into your blood system.

The Cerebrum or Cortex is the largest Part of the Human brain. It is the place where thoughts and actions are being controlled.

The Cerebrum is divided into different lobes which have different functions.

All in all the Cerebrum is responsible for reasoning, planning, problem solving, movement, orientation, stimuli, audio, memory and speech to name just a few.

The Hippocampus is responsible for memory, especially long-term memory.

The Thalamus is responsible for sleep, sensory interpretation and consciousness.

As the brain controls our body it also knows when something is wrong.

Headaches for example can be a sign that you ingest too much artificial sweeteners (in form of diet soda) as the aspartame in these sweeteners is a potent neurotoxin that is bad for your health.

Chapped Lips show that your body is dehydrated and needs water.

Constipation is a sign that your nourishment lacks fiber. You can counteract this by eating more vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Cracks at the corner of the mouth are a sign that you lack B-Vitamin. Only few people know that but B-Vitamin helps the body use energy and is essential for the metabolism. It also speeds up reactions in the body. Dark circles under the eyes and anaemia or low energy are also a sign of low B-Vitamin.

But our organs also control our body to some extent. Some release hormones, such as the Pancreas, which give signals to the brain and lets it take action and some keep our body clean like the Spleen that filters blood.

By listening to your body you can learn a lot of things and become more healthy.

I for example am sesitive to carbohydrates. I get a headache from them. Without them I feel much better and my stomach feels better too.

Your body knows and notices more than you think…

I tried this a few weeks and felt much better. Of course you also have to change your eating habits and live more healthier.

But if you try this you will get to know yourself much better.



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