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So busy all the time

The last few months were really busy.

First university with all the exams I had to learn for.

By the way, I got into the third semester. So my exams were successful ^^

This put a lot of weight off my shoulders as I was worried not to make it into the third semester because I couldn’t reach the needed CP’s.

And now I’m working for nearly my entire vacation.

I’m working at a company that produces products made of carbon fiber meshes.

And my job is to laminate these carbon fiber meshes and then put them in heated presses to finish them .

It might not seem like a lot of work but it is really hard work.

Standing all the time and pressing the mesh with your fingers and being near heated presses all the time is really exhausting.

Well, as I have to finish my praktika to keep on studying I’m glad that I found something.

But I had so little time for myself the last few months.

I scheduled some posts because I knew i would be very busy but I didn’t know I would be THAT busy.

And it sucks.

It feels like my creativity gets let’s behind and I’m loosing the feeling of living for myself.

It feels like I only love to work for someone who I don’t even know and that this work is not benefiting me.

I don’t like that feeling.

I hope these weeks pass very fast And I can get into university again.

I’ll try to write more often. And my blog needs some updating on its pages.

Thanks for staying with me 😉

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